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  • Thu, 26 May 2022
    Why good governance is critical for Kenya’s prosperity 
    Any nation’s development is reliant on the leaders elected by the citizenry. Therefore, elections are a fundamental part of a country’s prosperity. 
  • Thu, 12 May 2022
    Budget must be informed by prevailing economic conditions 
    At the heart of a nation’s prosperity is prudent public financial management, and this begins with a well-planned and balanced budget. Besides funding essential services such as health, security, education and general administration, the national budget makes a fundamental decision on the level of resources that the government will take from its citizens to finance itself.
  • Wed, 04 May 2022
    Role of productive jobs in improving quality of life
    The recent Labour Day celebrations took me back to my business studies classes, specifically on the four factors of production - land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. These factors are essential resources needed to produce goods and services – they are the building blocks of the economy.
  • Tue, 29 Mar 2022
    Innovation in training key to economic growth
    Everyday, we read or hear of specific skills required for one to meet the requirements of certain jobs. Indeed, there are many people who have asked, why these specific skills?
  • Thu, 24 Mar 2022
    Making space for the next generation of women in manufacturing
    Pivotal moments in history have brought manufacturing to where it is today, and women have played an important part in the sector’s evolution over the years. Women such as Madame C.J. Walker, Rosie the Riveter, and Stephanie Kwolek have left a mark in manufacturing and continue to inspire women to venture into the sector today.
  • Fri, 18 Mar 2022
    Erratic tax changes detrimental to our economic prosperity
    When starting her cereal milling business, Mwathi had great aspirations to offer her customers a great product and transform her community through job creation. To meet demand and sustain production, she organized the supply of raw materials from upcountry to her factory in Nairobi.  
  • Tue, 15 Mar 2022
    Edible Oil Prices: Effects of Ukraine-Russia War and the Novel Indonesian Export Policy
    Global inflation has caused a surge in the price of basic commodities. As countries strive to protect their populace, Indonesia, the world's largest palm oil producer, enforced a 20% retention of all planned oil exports to be sold domestically.
  • Tue, 01 Mar 2022
    Fiscal instability is hampering recovery and driving away investors
    For any investor, the most important factor to consider when choosing an investment destination is policy stability and predictability. These two aspects earn investors’ trust and build confidence. What happens when the business environment is highly unpredictable and unstable?
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