uKAMilifu is a Swahili word that means complete/wholeness. It is an ideology that speaks to the creation of holistic solutions together.

uKAMilifu is the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) arm of Kenya Association of Manufacturers. It houses KAM’s social impact efforts and initiatives, that bolster its mandate as the credible voice of industry.

Specifically, it is an initiative to demonstrate KAM’s wider role in the country’s goal to alleviate poverty and bridge inequality, reach out to marginalized youth groups and children, that have no social currency despite their critical role in realizing Kenya’s economic goals.

Part of uKAMilifu looks at amplifying human impact stories in line with KAM’s mandate.

uKAMilifu Pillars

 The Association shall drive uKAMilifu through 4 main pillars:

  • A Green World – An industry that seeks to restore and replenish the environment in its approach.
  • A Futuristic World – Creating a difference in the future of work and access to technology.
  • An Inclusive World – Achieving our economic goals by embracing diversity.
  • A Sustainable World – Bringing in more young people share in industry’s vision through their innovations.


  • KAM will work with current industry stakeholders and forge new partnerships to impact a wide spectrum of human development areas.
  • The Association will bring together diverse economic actors in the country to advance a shared vision through stronger, enduring relationships.


  • Advancing wholeness. Advancing continuity. Advancing Kenya
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