The Manufacturing Academy

The Manufacturing Academy, an arm of the KAM Consulting aims at providing technical and/or specialised and management training and services that are aimed at ensuring the Manufacturing industry continuously inspires global competitiveness.

Training has a pivotal role of ensuring the delivery of good manufacturing practices that will maintain the highest levels of quality while at the same time enabling personal growth, and building workforce capability for current and future work roles of the teams that make up any organisation.

The rapid pace of change in knowledge, technology, new skills and roles within the manufacturing and service sector requires commitment and a responsive approach to learning at every stage. Continuous learning is the key to providing a first class a workforce with high level skills and capacity. As a mandate of KAM, that all members have their staff, have access to ongoing training, support and professional development, we as KAM Academy want to ensure that our members remain at the cutting edge of the latest manufacturing research findings and service technology to enable them remain competitive.

These trainings are offered in the following core categories:

  • Strategic Management Courses
  • Manufacturing Management Courses
  • Technical Operational Courses
  • Sustainable Development Goals Courses
  • Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption trainings

The Academy is driven by the following values:

  • Innovation: Creating new programs that will build capacity while empowering teams to embrace the future of work
  • Effectiveness:¬†Ensuring that the training programs will achieve the desired outcomes
  • Responsiveness: Ensuring the Academy will offer programs that will respond to the members’ need.
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