Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics in Policy Advocacy

26/9/2023: KAM Chief Executive, Anthony Mwangi paid a courtesy visit to Deloitte Kenya with the aim of exploring potential collaboration in integrating data analytics into policy advocacy and embracing a data-driven approach to address economic challenges.

During the discussions, several points were raised, including KAM’s project concept designed to empower industry stakeholders to utilize data in advancing the National Transformation Agenda.

By harnessing the association’s extensive membership base and partnering with Deloitte, we can integrate data analytics into the realm of policy advocacy. For instance, the examination of the impact of government decisions on businesses and an in-depth analysis of data pertaining to production, exports, and employment creation can offer invaluable insights into the economic landscape following the enactment of the Finance Act 2023.

The meeting yielded valuable outcomes, including a mutual agreement between KAM and Deloitte on the importance of measuring impact both before and after the budgetary process. Additionally, both parties underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in realizing comprehensive economic growth through the presentation of well-substantiated arguments to the government.

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