Unlocking Kenya’s Industrial Potential: KAM’s Strategic Vision and the Path to Economic Growth

22/11/2023: During the Kenya Industrialization Conference, KAM Chief Executive Anthony Mwangi delivered a presentation on the Association’s strategic focus areas aligned with the nation’s manufacturing goals.

He emphasized KAM’s four pillars: Global Competitiveness, Export-Led Growth, SME Development, and Agriculture for Industry. These pillars collectively serve as the cornerstone of our 2023 Business Development Plan, providing a strategic framework that directs our endeavors and initiatives.

In line with the Agriculture for Industry pillar, Mr Mwangi outlined six out of 32 value chains – maize, potatoes, pyrethrum, avocados, wheat, and tomatoes – mapped by KAM, supporting the government’s value chain approach that seeks to bolster integration between agriculture and manufacturing. “As part of this initiative, KAM has introduced the Agriculture for Industry (A4I) strategy, aiming to enhance integration between agriculture and manufacturing. This involves collaboration with all KAM members in Agro-processing Sectors (Food and beverage; Textile and apparel; Leather and footwear; Agro-processing; and Agrochemical) to address challenges in the agro-processing value chains.”

Further, he enumerated the opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) for manufacturers. These opportunities include tapping into a continental market comprising 1.2 billion people, an estimated current turnover of $3.1 billion, and the potential to broaden Kenya’s market access beyond the confines of the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). These advantages position Kenyan manufacturers to significantly enhance their reach and economic impact on a broader scale.

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