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Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) is dedicated to advancing and enabling the scale-up of the Dual Vocational Training Approach to TVET through facilitating work-based learning opportunities within its membership.

We held a meeting with Ms Lilian Ndegwa Swisscontact Country Director-Kenya, to delve into the PropelA initiative. This innovative program blends Swiss expertise with local market demands, equipping participants with practical skills and forging tangible career pathways for the next generation. Following the meeting, we visited Don Bosco Town Institute to gain further insights.

Inspired by the Swiss vocational training system and tailored to suit Kenya’s market requirements, the Hilti Foundation, in collaboration with Swisscontact and local Kenyan experts, introduced PropelA. This dual education system focuses on the electrical and plumbing trades.

Targeting underprivileged young adults and supported by over 40 leading local firms, PropelA delivers both theoretical knowledge and practical training essential for industry-specific skills. By offering clear career prospects that ensure a decent income, this initiative aims to uplift lives and foster economic empowerment.

KAM remains committed to fostering partnerships and driving the skills agenda forward. Through collaborative efforts and shared dedication, we can ensure a brighter future for Kenya’s workforce and economy.

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