Trade and Policy

The Trade and Policy Department is mandated to broadly deal with Trade Policy and specifically, Regional Integration, Trade Facilitation and Illicit Trade.

Trade policy:

  • This covers domestic, regional, and international trade policy issues and focuses on how the developed guidelines can support the growth of Kenyan trade at these levels.

Trade facilitation:

  • Seeks to address issues of domestic, regional and international Non Tariff barriers, import tariff exemptions and product standards among others.
  • Processing of work permits and AGOA visas for exporters to the USA.

Illicit Trade:

  • Addressing illicit trade also lies squarely within our functions and the department has made a lot of strides in ensuring that we make gains in the fight against illicit trade.

The East African Community Duty Remission Scheme 

The East African Community (EAC) Duty Remission Scheme is an incentive granted to manufacturers in the EAC Region who import inputs and raw materials for manufacturing activities.  Its provided for under Section 140 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004.

The remission is meant to either promote government objectives or to facilitate the government in complying with international obligations.

Its originally an export promotion scheme to encourage exports of goods outside EAC, however, it further evolved through the Essential Goods Production Support Programme (EGPSP).

The objective of EGPSP is to provide affordable essential goods for domestic market.

Some of the products under EGPSP include industrial sugar, liquid glucose, wheat, paper for exercise & textbooks, inputs for manufacture of sanitary towels & baby diapers, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, face masks, PPEs etc.

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