COVID – 19 Updates

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It has spread from China to many other countries around the world, including Kenya. Depending on the severity of COVID-19’s international impacts, outbreak conditions—including those rising to the level of a pandemic—can affect all aspects of daily life, including travel, trade, tourism, food supplies, and financial markets.

To reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is important for all employers and employees to plan now for COVID-19, and adapt regularly the measures taken to guarantee the health and safety of all.

None of us would have predicted the socio-economic impact of coronavirus across the world. To ease navigation through this difficult period, in both businesses and in our personal lives; KAM has undertaken the following:

  • Proactively guiding our employees and stakeholders on precautionary measures as per the government’s recommendations.
  • We have developed and shared Standard Operating Procedures for the workplace. These provide processes to follow in case of a confirmed case within manufacturers’ premises.
  • We are amplifying the nation-wide hygiene campaign and the need for the public to practice sanitary procedures in public and private spaces.
  • We are mobilising members to augment the hygiene campaign and supply essential products needed for its success.
  • We are working round the clock to ensure citizens have access to essential goods. We have provided a live database of locally manufactured finished goods.
  • We are working with producers, distributors and retailers to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and that commodities in the market retain current prices or lower the price for the sake of the consumer.
  • We are working as a support system for frontline personnel in counties by providing water storage tanks, alcohol-based sanitizers and soaps.
  • We are raising awareness towards flattening the curve, in partnership with members of the National Business Compact on COVID – 19.

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