Manufacturers meet with NEMA on on-going effluent discharge management

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) works in partnership with government and relevant authorities in an effort to develop long-lasting solutions towards the protection and nurturing of our environment in an effort to secure the future of our country.

We continue to promote sustainable business practices in the sector through  initiatives such as the ongoing Strategic Sector collaboration project piloted in Ruaraka, in association with various industry partners. The focus on this project is on embracing circular and green economy practices.  

Additionally, KAM Promotes Responsible Care® in chemical waste management. Kenya is the first African Country to undertake the Responsible Care initiative in the East African Region through the Association. Responsible Care, one of the largest industry-driven waste management initiatives, is a voluntary commitment by the global chemical industry to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health and safety and security performance.

Manufacturers under Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) have today met with National Environmental Management Agency (NEMA) following numerous industry closures on alleged non-compliance on effluent treatment and discharge. In the discussions, industries cited that unclear environmental compliance guidelines and dilapidated state of infrastructure are key among the impediments towards effective effluent management compliance.

Additionally, the businesses stated that there is a duplication of roles among government institutions mandated to regulate environmental issues,  lack of clarity on permits needed for effluent management and lack of feedback/advice on annual Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by relevant authorities.

At the forum, KAM Head of Policy, Research and Advocacy, Mr Job Wanjohi said “Industrial demand for water has been increasing depicting growing economic activities in the country. However its management remains critical, especially the wastewater arising from the economic activities. On the other hand, we are aware of the challenges that industries and businesses face on waste water management. Challenges such construction and maintenance of sewerage infrastructure especially in industrial areas and their surroundings.”

To resolve this industry is calling for the development of a comprehensive compliance program to support effective compliance in effluent wastewater management. This will ensure that environmental concerns are identified and addressed early, as well as avoid the disruption of business operations. 

Responding to the issues raised, NEMA Compliance & Enforcement Officer, Mr Bakari Mangale noted that effluent management compliance is provided for in the Water Quality Regulations, 2016. He however noted that some of the challenges hindering compliance include the lack of economic incentives such as tax waivers and awareness on appropriate and existing environmentally-friendly technologies.

Both Manufacturers and NEMA have pointed to corruption as a huge deterrent to compliance, by hindering the correct implementation of regulations and accurate flow of information on requirements and stipulations. Rampant corruption ultimately leads to high costs of doing business, and affects the productivity and competitiveness of industry. 

The Association has been carrying out country-wide environmental compliance seminars in partnership with NEMA, to inform and educate their members of existing and new environmental regulations.


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