Local Companies Urged to Adopt Kaizen Practices to Increase Investor Attraction

Kenya Association of Manufacturers in partnership with KAIZEN Institute today hosted the 13th KAM- KAIZEN Event, which seeks to equip businesses leaders with techniques to maintain sustainable continuous improvements in processes, systems and people for increased profits.

Speaking at the event, KAM CEO Ms Phyllis Wakiaga said that the continuous growth of an organization in functionality and reliability boosts market image, customer retention and customer market share.

“Global trends in building responsible and sustainable businesses are increasingly adopting Kaizen as part of their core methodology. Kaizen looks at instituting incremental improvements over time in different functions of the business. Quality, productivity and profitability are inseparable and all serve the purpose of making service operations efficient. In order to increase productivity in the manufacturing sector, we need make our supply chains stronger and more integrated. This is done through interrelations between manufacturers and subcontracted companies which at the same time supports the growth of SMEs.” Ms Wakiaga said.

The Event themed Supply Chain Excellence for Business Excellence is a two day training that aims to promote transformation and operational excellence in business. KAIZEN institute has partnered with KAM for the past 12 years and was founded in 1985 to improve productivity and quality for companies.

Kaizen practises are strategies that ensure employees at all levels work together to achieve both individual and collective growth . Some of the strategies include removing waste like time wastage, standardization of work and developing a culture of continuous gradual improvement.

Managing Director Research Solutions Africa, Dr Jasper Grosskurth said that adopting Kaizen practices is the first step to a successful business. He further stated that business that condone corruption, theft, false pretense and fast cash are more likely to collapse or suffer insurmountable losses.

“ We must do away with waste. Progressive business models must find ways to compete and win market share through noble means. They must also have a stable succession plan. If you adopt Kaizen practices then your business operations are increasingly transparent, which makes you trustworthy and enhances your investor-attraction capability,” added Dr Grosskurth.

KAM – KAIZEN programme has since 2005 played a key role in supporting industry’s investment in Africa, particularly in Kenya. KAIZEN institute has over 30 business units and is found in over 50 countries.

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