Kenya, Nordic Countries Collaborate on Climate Change

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in partnership with Nordic Countries launched a Green Hub to address climate change challenges affecting the country.

The Nordic Countries, mainly Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, will provide technological knowledge and innovations to facilitate a low dependency on carbon-based fuels and demonstrate decoupling economic growth from CO2 emissions.

Speaking at the event, Finland’s Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Erik Lundberg said that the aim of the Green Hub is to accelerate Nairobi’s transition to a greener future by convening collaboration between public and private sector, promote solutions from Nordic countries, and support the establishment of bankable projects

Going green is feasible, however it needs political commitment. We have succeeded in decoupling waste management and energy consumption. We believe that our technical knowledge and solutions will play a part  in guiding the transition to a greener future based country.

Sustainable Development Growth does not have to get in the way of economic growth, infact greening of the economy has a positive impact on  job creation, working as a major driver for workforce development for younger generations,” added Mr Lundberg.

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Director General Prof. Geoffrey Wahungu stated that Kenya has immense potential to adopt a green economy, adding that the Government is willing to invest in green growth.

Kenya has benchmarked many countries including the Nordic countries to develop instruments of policy and regulatory framework on green growth.

We need to focus our discussions on circular economy and industrial symbiosis to find suitable solutions for industries and the citizens. We also need a point of convergence where technology, innovations and policy merge to benefit the economy and the environment,” said Prof Wahungu.

KAM Chief Executive Ms Phyllis Wakiaga noted that Kenya’s energy consumption is growing approximately 5% on average per year, adding that  Kenya’s CO2 emissions will continue to grow, which is contradictory to the pathway that is best for our country and the planet.

This Hub will be a boost to the Association’s efforts to mitigate energy efficiency by industry. Through the Center for Energy Efficiency and Conservation, KAM has been able to abate more than 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually through the implementation of both energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  

We are currently hosting the Sustainable Energy Week that provides an opportunity for industry and its stakeholders to discuss initiatives to promote green investments, and mechanisms to improve  the quality of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology, to ultimately reduce the cost of production and increase our competitiveness,” concluded Ms Wakiaga.

The Sustainable Energy week consists of the Clean Energy Conference and Expo and the Energy Management Awards, which will recognize companies that in the last 15 years, have saved close to 15 billion Kenya shillings through implementation of energy audit recommendations and other process optimization initiatives.

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