KAM Sustainable Energy Week kicks off

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has kicked off the Sustainable Energy Week, that seeks to raise awareness on energy efficiency and conservation in the country.  

The event, which consists of the Clean Energy Conference and Expo and Energy Management Awards (EMA), is a curtain raiser to 9th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency hosted by the International Energy Agency, that shall bring together global leaders in government, business and civil society – from across every continent – to accelerate policy action on energy efficiency. 

Speaking at the opening session of the Clean Energy Conference and Expo, KAM Chief Executive, Mr Anthony Mwangi noted that energy efficiency is crucial in securing our energy future, leading to cost reductions in goods and services and enhancing competitiveness. 

In response to rising energy costs and environmental concerns, energy efficiency has emerged as a critical strategy for manufacturers to optimize resource utilization, reduce emissions, and enhance competitiveness. By adopting energy-efficient technologies, optimizing processes, and implementing sustainable practices, industries can minimize their carbon footprint while improving operational efficiency and bottom-line performance. Our initiatives are in line with the commitments to triple global renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency improvements, as highlighted during COP28,” Added Mr Mwangi. 

The deliberations focused on the role of green skills in contributing towards the tripling of renewable energy capacity in the country as well as technology and financing as an enable of green energy. 

On driving green skills, manufacturers called for the country to invest in green skills, noting that there is a mismatch between industry demands and academia. 

Addressing this, the Head of Greening TVET and Climate Change, State Department of TVET, Ms Anne Kamonjo explained that there is a need to mainstream green skills in training curricula.  

Occupational standards for green skills are critical in supporting the government to develop curricula that matches the needs of industry. The government has introduced environmental literacy as part of the curriculum in technical institutions in its endeavour to mainstream green skills into the country. We urge academia, industry, development partners to collaborate with the government to develop curricula to enhance green skills in the country”, added Ms Kamonjo. 

On technology and financing as an enabler of green energy, manufacturers noted that there are efforts towards innovative renewable technologies, for instance, use of biomass in place of fossil fuels in production processes. They called on financial institutions to offer different green financing alternatives to support the increasing shift towards renewable energy. 

The Energy Management Awards, taking place today (20th May 2024) will recognize enterprises that have achieved significant reduction in their energy consumption through implementation of energy efficient measures and technologies. 

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