KAM Meets Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa

KAM delegation led by Environment Committee Chairman, Mr. Suresh Patel and Industrial Area Chairman Mr. Manoj Shah met with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary (CS), Hon. Eugene Wamalwa on Monday to address Water and Sanitation related issues experienced by members.

Speaking at the discussions, Mr. Suresh Patel highlighted the main areas of concern to the manufacturers as, overlaps by water regulators, availability/supply of water, Water Policy and the keenness in enacting the Water Bill 2014.

The Cabinet Secretary reported that the Water Bill 2014 has been passed to the president for assent. Members were optimistic that this should be done before the next Presidential Round table taking place this Friday, 2nd September 2016, in Mombasa.

While answering to the overlaps in the mandates under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the CS also clarified that Water resources is a national function while Water services are under the county governments. He further clarified that some regulators fail to understand their specific roles resulting to the overlaps.

Further, the ministry has a plan to share its projected plans with industry. Currently, the Ministry has a plan to build 30 Dams across the county which is a good opportunity for local manufacturers to supply their technical expertise and equipment. This will encourage the Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative.

Members proposed an incentive program to the Ministry that would involve industries treating their water through their already installed water effluent plants. This can be further sustained with other incentives in consultation with industry.

This proposals can be utilised by other sectors such as tourism that utilise big proportions of water in their daily utilisation.

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