KAM hosts the 2nd edition of the LOOP Forum Kenya

Wednesday, 28th February 2024, Nairobi, Kenya: The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has kicked off the 2nd edition of the Loop Forum Kenya, a pivotal event aimed at accelerating the Circular economy in Kenya. This influential gathering is designed to foster collaborations, engage in policy dialogue, and showcase innovative solutions.

Circular economy is based on three principles: eliminating waste and pollution; circulating products and materials; regenerating nature. It creates solutions to the challenges we are currently facing locally and internationally, such as climate change and biodiversity loss whilst addressing important social needs.

During the African Climate Summit (ACS) in 2023, H.E President Dr William Ruto, CGH highlighted the economic opportunities embedded in green growth, which encapsulates our ambitions for socioeconomic transformation and our climate action agenda.

Speaking at the forum, Principal Secretary, State Department of Environment and Climate Change, Eng. Festus K. Ng’eno noted that his Ministry is prioritizing three areas; ecosystem restoration, climate change adaption and mitigation and circular economy.

Kenya is confronted with a significant waste management challenge, generating an average of 8 million tonnes of waste annually. This alarming figure translates to 22,000 tonnes daily, with each 50 million Kenyans contributing half a kilogram of waste daily. This excess waste burdens our environment, filling dumpsites and littering our streets.

Circular economy is not only central in the fight against climate change by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions through waste management, but also for itself immense potential to transform the socioeconomic well-being of our communities. This forum accords us a platform to reflect and come up with tangible solutions on how business ventures can be part of the solutions to the triple planetary crisis of pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change,” expounded Eng. Ng’eno.

Danish Minister for Environment, Mr. Magnus Heunicke emphasized on the need to develop a systemic circular economy for a sustainable world. “As humans, we have spent centuries developing a certain set of skills to harvest resources from our environment. As you also know, this has put our planet under a lot of pressure, leading to biodiversity challenges. The challenges facing us are many, and the answers are simple; we need to use our resources over and over again, reduce our consumption and footprint, and develop a systemic circular economy for a more sustainable world,” noted Mr Heunicke.

Vice Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water, Netherlands Afke Van Tijn stressed on the need for smart solutions in the transition to a circular economy. “As we convene to address the urgent need for sustainable solutions, it is crucial to acknowledge the context within which our efforts are situated. The world is grappling with what experts have termed the triple planetary crisis: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. These interconnected challenges threaten the health of our planet and the well-being of future generations. I am pleased to see that last year’s initiatives have borne fruit. Smart use of resources is not just good for the planet but also beneficial for businesses. The transition to a circular economy can only start with a smart approach: reduce, reuse, recycle.

LOOP Forum Kenya is an annual multi-sectoral platform that catalyzes circular innovation, policy dialogues, and business-to-business collaborations. “This year’s Loop Forum is a manifestation of the commitments made by Kenya towards climate action at the ACS. As we convene today to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, we reinforce our nation’s dedication to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The forum builds on the success of its predecessor, held in February 2023 and is inspired by the Nordic circular economy forum,” expounded KAM Head of Consulting and Business Development, Ms. Joyce Njogu.

The LOOP Forum Kenya is poised to be a significant milestone in Kenya’s journey towards a sustainable and circular economy. It brings together industry stakeholders, policymakers, regulators, private companies, civil society, knowledge institutes, investors, development partners, and youth involved in the circular economy.

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