KAM CEOs Brief | 25 November 2016

Kenya Manufacturing Summit & Expo Launched

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives (MoITC), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) launched the first ever Manufacturing Summit and Expo in the East African region on 16 November 2016 in Nairobi.

Under the theme ‘Growth Opportunities in Kenya Manufacturing Sector’, the three-day Expo and Summit aimed at promoting business partnerships and identifying binding constraints impeding the sector’s growth. The annual event sought to improve the global competitiveness of locally manufactured products which will enhance Kenya’s industrial statistics and increase employment opportunities.

With over 1000 participants, and over 100 exhibitors, the Expo provided a platform for Kenyan manufacturers to engage Government, Policy Makers and Investors on how to achieve an industrial transformation for Kenya.

For more information contact: Jacinta.Mwau@kam.co.ke

Draft Demographic Dividend Roadmap Reviewed

KAM Participated in a meeting to review the draft Demographic Dividend road-map on 8th – 9th November 2016 in Naivasha.

The objectives of the meeting include; reviewing of key actions agreed upon during a previous meeting held in October; developing timelines (short, medium, and long term goals) for the Kenyan Demographic Dividend roadmap; and developing the roadmap implementation matrix based on prioritised activities.

The demographic dividend (DD) is temporary opportunity to achieve rapid socio-economic development occasioned by a decline in fertility levels and strategic investments in key sectors.

DD has been fronted as a solution to the myriad of problems being experienced by developing countries. This is drawn from the experience of the “Asian Tigers” and the newly industrialized countries in Asia that have successfully achieved high levels of income and a much better quality of life for its citizens.

In response to these experiences, the African Union has recognized the harnessing of the demographic dividend as an opportunity for African countries to address its development challenges which include high unemployment levels, high incidence of poverty, forced migration by inhabitants of the continent in search for better opportunities abroad, low education levels, high mortality and morbidity incidences, and criminal activities among the youth.

For more information contact: Samuel.Matonda@kam.co.ke

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