KAM Central Chapter Manufacturing Agenda to Kiambu County Gubernatorial Candidate, Ferdinand Waititu

KAM Central Chapter presented its manufacturing priority agenda to Hon. Ferdinand Waititu, Kiambu County Gubernatorial on 17th July 2017. Accompanying the candidate were his running mate Dr. James Nyoro, and Thika Town Member of Parliament, Ms. Alice Ng’ang’a.

Hon. Waititu noted that the meeting is a great platform to interact with manufacturers and businesses. “In the event, that my team and I are successful in winning Kiambu governorship, we will be in a better position to understand the needs of Manufacturers and businesses. In this, our government will be willing and ready to listen to your concerns as we will already have established a solid relationship,” added Hon. Waititu

On his part, Dr. James Nyoro, decried economic inequalities in the county’s populace. He lamented that this was one of the key reasons that Kiambu has not realized its full economic potential as an industrial hub. “For industrial growth to pick up, county residents must have the purchasing power to consume locally manufactured goods. To ensure economic prosperity, the team’s agenda is to create more wealth. One way to do this is by boosting industrial growth,” he added.

KAM Central Kenya Chapter Chair, Mr. Anup Bid thanked the team for engaging manufacturers and businesses. He retaliated that Kiambu is one of the counties in Kenya with the highest potential for economic growth. Key areas of focus for the chapter highlighted include: infrastructure; land, housing and physical planning; Trade and investment promotion; enforcement of county laws and regulations; inclusion in county governance.

Mr. Rajan Shah, KAM Director and a chapter member, added that, as stakeholders, manufacturers were not bringing complaints and pointing out problems. But, they have solutions and prescriptions which if the government considered, will bring tremendous change. He also prevailed on the leadership to make it a point of interacting with the industries. “Lets see more leaders; Governor, MP, MCAs and others, actually visiting industries to understand our problems” he said. “Leaders cannot be able to create employment by themselves, they have to work with industries; who are one of the largest employers in the county,”  he added.

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