Government Focuses to Improve the Dairy Sector in Eldoret

Plans are underway to improve the KCC, Eldoret following the installation of new machinery in the factory. The plans also involve the process of paying dairy farmers who supply milk to KCC factories promptly.

The facility is currently processing 100,000 litres. During the rainy season, the facility can process up to 300,000 litres in which 30,000 litres is fresh milk, 150,000 of powder milk and 120,000 UHT. With installation of new equipment, the facility will be able to process up to 500,000 litres.

According to the MD, Nickson Sigei, services such as transportation, distribution and selling of milk will be given to farmers so as to improve the whole value chain of the dairy sector and enable farmers to earn a living.

The Dairy sector is important in the Kenyan Economy as there are about 1.8 million farmers and a great percentage of the Kenyan population benefit directly and indirectly from the dairy sector value chain. Once the factory in running at full capacity, the company will be able to export dairy products to South Sudan, Central and West Africa

Manufacturers and Businesses in Eldoret Face Water Shortage

The ongoing drought has cased shortage and rationing of water in Eldoret. This has greatly affected business operations. Manufacturers in the food products & beverages, textiles, and paper & paper products have felt the impact of the water shortage.

On the other hand, manufacturers have raised concern on the quality of water which has gone down thus affecting the quality of products. Cases of high alkalinity have also been experienced by the beverage manufacturers.

In order to curb the shortage crisis, manufacturers have been advised to invest in storage facilities to ensure continuous supply of water for Industrial processes. Manufacturers are also advised to focus on drilling boreholes and putting in place proper water conservation mechanisms at their premises.

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