Energy Still a Major Concern for Industries in North Rift Region

Most Industries (if not all) require power that is free of interruption or disturbance for a smooth running of production. However, this is not the case for industries based in North Rift which have been experiencing frequent power outages and fluctuations.

Cases of power outages are being reported on a daily basis, occurring in short intervals, damaging machines and disrupting production lines.

This leads to loss and results in unrecoverable cost of downtime, which in the long run reduce revenue and hence drag the overall economic growth of the economy.

There is need for Kenya Power to put in place proper mechanisms to reduce power outages. Further installation of dedicated lines is important for large power consumers. However, unlike in Nairobi and Mombasa where most industries are concentrated in one place, industries in Eldoret are scattered hence the challenge of supplying industries in one place. Endemic blackouts are a particularly noticeable during peak hours of operations and this greatly affects operations and to some extent cause waste especially for the plastic sector and thus waste of materials, which cannot be recovered.

Despite the continued engagements between Kenya Power and Kenya Association of Manufacturers, there is need to establish a permanent solution to the power problem since Industries are continuing to set up in the region and this may affect power supply in future.

With involvement of all relevant stakeholders in planning such as the town planners, power transmission system and business set up, cases of power outages and fluctuations will reduce.

KAM Uasin Gishu Chapter meets NITA Officials

Members of Uasin Gishu Chapter recently held a meeting with the National Training Authority (NITA) Officials to discuss pending reimbursements, NITA procedures and requirements.

The National Industrial Training authority [NITA] is a state corporation [former Directorate of Industrial Training] established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. Its mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in industry.

Among the concerns raised include: the need for NITA to create awareness about the institution, update on change of management in the organization, both at the county and national level to ensure continuity in handlings members’ issue.

Speaking at the forum, NITA Regional Manager, Mr. Bernard Okemwo urged members to be receptive to the officers who visit there premises and allow them with the necessary information. “NITA is willing to engage KAM and work together in addressing pending individual cases and ensure issues are addressed promptly,” added Mr. Okemwo.

During the forum, NITA shared key important contacts under different departments; Reimbursements and Appraisal, Complains on Attachment, levy among other key contacts.

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