The Weekly Pulse | 6th June 2020

KAM meets PS Environment

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) led by the Chair, Mr Sachen Gudka and Vice-Chair, Mr Mucai Kunyiha met Environment PS, Dr Chris Kiptoo on 3rd June 2020.

The meeting focused on industry’s sustainability measures on the environment and the impact of Covid-19 on manufacturers’ environmental obligations.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry Remarks

  • Environment PS, Dr Kiptoo urged the private sector to invest in public-private partnerships  towards greening Nairobi in partnership with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).
  • Dr Kiptoo informed KAM that the National Sustainable Policy and Bill had been approved by the Cabinet. This will pave the way for a broader framework that promotes collaboration between the National and County Governments on waste management and also recognise private sector’s role in extended producer responsibility.
  • PS Kiptoo also encouraged manufacturers to prioritize compliance on effluent management to ensure water bodies are free from industrial waste.

Manufacturers Remarks

  • KAM Chair, Mr Sachen Gudka noted that Covid-19 had caused financial constraints on  businesses, including stakeholders in the waste value chain, with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) being the most affected.
  • Mr Gudka expressed manufacturers’ commitment to enhancing their support to tree planting initiatives across the country and collaborating with stakeholders in the timber and paper value chain. This will ensure industries have access to adequate, sustainably managed adequate raw materials.
  • The Association commended the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for developing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legal framework. The Framework will support to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy in the country as well as deepen collaborations and commitments of waste value chain stakeholders.
  • KAM Chair emphasized the need to promote segregation of waste from household levels to enhance the value and usability of waste.
  • He also informed the PS that Manufacturers had entered into a memorandum of understanding on 2nd June 2020 with Bakers in the country to facilitate joint management of plastics bread bags in the environment.

Way Forward 

  • KAM shall lead stakeholders in the Timber and Paper value chain to develop an action plan to accelerate the management of tree cover in the country. The recommendations shall be shared with the government to provide a long term solution to ensure the sustainability of tree cover.
  • The Association shall sign a collaboration framework with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on a tree planting initiative.
  • KAM to engage with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on its consolidated proposals on the draft Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations 2020.

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Manufacturers, Bakers partner to manage post-consumer plastic bread bags waste

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) partnered with Bakers Association of Kenya to manage post-consumer plastic bread bags waste in the country.

Under the partnership, the two Associations shall work together with stakeholders across the waste management value chain to promote a circular economy in the country.

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KAM Hosts the First Women in Manufacturing Live Show

The Women in Manufacturing Program hosted the Third Edition of the WIM Webinars as The WIM Live Show.

The Show was themed, Restructuring a Resilient Business beyond the Pandemic and hosted:

  1. KAM WIM Chair – Ms Flora Mutahi
  2. KAM Vice Chair – Mr Mucai Kunyih
  3. IEA CEO – Mr Kwame Owino
  4. BAT Kenya MD – Ms Beverley Spencer-Obatoyinbo
  5. Executive Director CRAWN Trust – Ms Daisy Amdany

Click Here to watch the WIM Live Show

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