African Growth & Opportunities Act

African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) is a non-reciprocal trade agreement by USA to selected African countries. AGOA provides duty-free market access to the United States for qualifying Sub-Saharan African countries by extending preferences on more than 4,600 products eligible under the US Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), in addition to a further 1,800 tariff lines added by the AGOA legislation. The legislation also provides duty-free access to all clothing (as well as certain textile) exports from countries that qualify under the Act’s ‘wearing apparel provisions’, subject to the Rules of Origin (RoO) being met

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For textiles and apparels to access the US market, they must meet specific rules of origin. Additionally, textiles and apparels exports must meet various requirements amongst them AGOA Visas to access the market. Kenya Association of Manufacturers is the authorized body in Kenya that issues AGOA visas. This also ensures that there is self-regulation within the industry to ensure that the country complies with AGOA provisions. KAM is happy to report that Kenya is now the largest exporter of textiles and apparels to USA under AGOA, doing $380 million in 2015.

KAM is also a source of information for AGOA related issues. KAM members and staff are part of national committee on AGOA thus making the organization a source of knowledge on AGOA related issues.

For more information, please contact the lead AGOA person or for textiles and apparels related issues.

African Growth & Opportunities Act

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