KAM Timber and Plastic Sector engage Environment PS

KAM Plastics and Timber sectors engaged the Principal Secretary for Environment and Forestry, Ms Betty Maina, on Environmental Sustainability Management in the manufacturing sector.

Plastics Sector Highlights

The meeting focused on the following with regard to the Plastics sector:

  • Re-convening the Plastic Technical Committee between KAM, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

  • Operationalizing the fiscal incentive on recycling upon the ascent of the Finance Bill 2019. 

  • Bringing on board the Council of Governors to discuss the investment in waste management at the county level.

KAM Vice-Chair and PET Sub Sector Chair, Mr Mucai Kunyiha noted that businesses cannot avoid environmental issues, waste management being one of them. PS Betty Maina noted that the Ministry is working towards bringing on board other relevant stakeholders to promote waste management in the country.


  • The Ministry was urged to form one multidisciplinary committee with representatives from the private sector for both PET and other plastics fractions. 

  • The Ministry to engage the private sector on the ban of single-use plastics in protected areas ahead of its implementation in June 2020.

  • The Ministry was asked to convene a meeting with the Council of Governors to discuss waste management issues and also engage the Private Sector on the development of plastic waste management in schools’ curriculum.

  • In addition, KAM requested the Ministry to give recommendations and feedback on the monthly Framework Of Cooperation (FOC) reports delivered by KAM and PETCO Kenya.

Timber Sector Highlights

With regard to the Timber Sector, the meeting focused on the following:

  • The significant role played by different players in the timber value chain in realizing the aspirations of the Affordable Housing and Manufacturing Pillars under the Big 4 Agenda.

  • The role of a sustainable forestry sector as an important factor to the coexistence of many downstream industries, which rely fully on forestry. Additionally, other sector players depend on wood waste/pellets and briquettes as a source of energy for their manufacturing plants.

  • The challenges facing the timber and furniture sector since the moratorium on logging came into effect, especially with regards to sourcing main raw materials and the impact of the same to the society at large.

KAM Trade and Tax Committee Vice-Chair and Timber Sector Chairman, Mr Hitesh Mediretta noted that the involvement/engagement of the sector in various government forest sustainability initiatives geared towards forest cover recovery is critical.


  • KAM requested for more sector involvement and engagement in various government forest sustainability initiatives geared towards forest cover recovery through the Ministry. 

  • KAM requested the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to co-opt the Timber and Furniture Sector to the 4 Multidisciplinary Technical Committees established by the Ministry to implement the national strategy of realizing 10% forest cover under the Forestry Acceleration Plans.

  • The Ministry is willing to work with KAM on new and proposed strategies and initiatives towards preservation and expansion of existing forest cover in Kenya.

  • The Ministry is embarking on reviewing the current policy and legislative framework on forests in Kenya and welcomes proposed amendments to the same from KAM. 

  • The Ministry shall involve KAM in the ongoing benchmarking exercise with South Africa’s Gutsby Group on the development of a policy framework for commercial forests. The Ministry shall share Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the development of the policy framework with KAM.

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