KAM-KPLC-Kenya Flower Council forum

KAM-KPLC-Kenya Flower Council forum

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya Power (KPLC) and Kenya Flower Council (KFC) held a joint forum in Naivasha on power challenges affecting manufacturers and agro processers in the region.

KAM Ag. CEO, Mr. Tobias Alando highlighted the importance of the sustained partnership between KAM and KPLC, noting that both organisations will continue working closely for better service delivery to members.

KAM-KPLC-NAWASSCO 3rd quarterly meeting

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) South Rift Chapter held the 3rd Quarterly KAM-Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company (NAWASSCO) meeting of 2018 on 17th July. The meeting reviewed power supply to members and evaluated the progress made on new projects.

Various challenges were identified, including outages and inconsistency in power billing. The Kenya Power Regional Manager noted that new stations are being built, some existing ones being upgraded to meet the increasing power demand. Commitment was made to identify the cause of billing challenges.

He also noted that progress is being made regarding the installation of streetlights in Nakuru’s Industrial Area. KAM successfully lobbied for the project as a way of securing the night operations of members operating in the area.

KAM-NAWASSCO 3rd quarterly meeting

The KAM South Rift Chapter held the 3rdQuarterly KAM-NAWASSCO Meeting of 2018 on 19thJuly with the aim to review the effectiveness of to review water supply to members.

The meeting also looked at the effectiveness of the recently launched KAM-NAWASSCO WhatsApp platform, whose main objective is to improve communication between NAWASSCO and members.

Additionally, a review of compliance with Trade Effluent Discharge regulations and policies was undertaken. It was agreed that a forum to sensitise members on the various regulations guiding Trade Effluent Discharge is to be organized.

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