KAM CEO’s Brief | 7th July 2017

Politicians Urged to Drive Industrialization Agenda

Kenya Association of Manufacturers on 5th July 2017 launched the Policy Agenda for Industrialization to guide incoming governments on achieving the economic goals stated in their manifestos by focusing their efforts on the manufacturing sector.

The agenda aims to centralize the economic agenda of this country in current and future political narratives. This includes the need to double jobs, double exports, increase foreign exchange earnings and raise manufacturing share of GDP to 15 percent by 2020.

Speaking at the launch, KAM Chair, Ms Flora Mutahi said that the logic of the 10-point manufacturing agenda is the kind of intervention needed to call attention to the potential that lies in this sector. She further stated that it outlines quick, easily attainable actions that can be utilized by Government, Industry and other stakeholders to realize tangible results in inclusive growth and development within the next five years.

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Kenya Forest Service Visits Salt Belt Region

The Kenya Forest Service visited all the salt companies under Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) on 28th to 30th June 2017. The objective of the visit was to establish and confirm the existence and extent of the mangrove forests found within the salt industry premises.

The Salt Sub-Sector or the salt belt region is located in a region claimed to be on the Mangrove Designated Areas.

This was a follow up meeting between KAM and KFS was held in Nairobi on 25th May 2017 to assist in finding a solution on the Special User Licenses and Forest Rates being charged by KFS in addition to normal land rates paid on the same land owned and occupied by the Salt Companies.

For more information contact: anne.murithi@kam.co.ke

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