KAM CEO’s Brief | 6th April 2018

KAM meets with Ministry of Environment and Forestry and NEMA on PET Management Action Plan

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with manufacturers on a sustainable way to manage plastic bottle waste.

This MoU shall include the development of a sustainable PET waste take back scheme and extended producer responsibility schemes.

Manufacturers will partner with various government departments through the Ministry of Environment including the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to kick start anti-littering public awareness campaigns and clean-up activities of PET bottles.

The Management of PET plastic bottles will involve multiple stakeholders to ensure its success. The partnership between the Ministry of Environment and KAM will therefore prioritize the involvement of other key stakeholders particularly the county governments.

For more information contact: faith.temba@kam.co.ke

KAM meets with Auditor General to discuss public accountability 

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is mandated to audit and report on the accounts of any government entity, to determine whether public money is applied lawfully and effectively. KAM met with the OAG to discuss public accountability and its contribution to the growth of the Manufacturing sector.

KAM Chair, Ms Flora Mutahi said that KAM and UN Global Compact have been promoting integrity and advocating for the eradication of corruption in the manufacturing sector.

Ms Mutahi also noted key issues including the need for the office of the Auditor General to deliver audits that are inline with the Sustainable Development Goals and based on performance, cost and efficiency.

Speaking at the meeting the Auditor General reiterated his desire to work with the civil society to achieve sustainable accountability, stating, “My office is open to work with KAM and other Regulatory Agencies, to curb double taxation, and disclose how revenue from regulatory agencies is being utilised.”

For more information contact: caroline.mutuku@kam.co.ke

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