KAM CEO’s Brief | 2nd June 2017

KAM, Judiciary Celebrate Madaraka Day at Langata Women’s Prison

On June 1st 2017, KAM in partnership with the Judiciary held a charitable event at the Langata Women’s Prison.

The charitable event is part of initiatives seeking to restore dignity, self esteem and promote equity among the judicial offenders, while promoting national unity, integration and cohesion.

This was also an opportunity to showcase the Judiciary’s interest in promoting the continued cooperation between institutional actors, effective and human rehabilitation of offenders and the successful reintegration of offenders to the community.

As host of the UN Global Compact, KAM is strongly committed towards human rights and the sustainable development goals.

Energy Efficiency Exchange Visit at Krystaline Salt Ltd

KAM, through the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC), undertook an energy efficiency exchange visit to Krystalline Salt Limited (Kaysalt) on 31st May 2017 at Gongoni, Kilifi.

Krystalline Salt Limited (Kaysalt) is the one of the largest salt producer in East Africa producing approximately 240,000 metric tonnes of raw salt annually, with 100% of the raw salt harvested from the Indian Ocean.

​Last year​,​ Kaysalt installed a 991kW solar PV system at their salt factory in a bid to have their own reliable energy source and ​to ​conserve the environment by using clean energy​​.

All of the generated electricity is used in the factory and displaces electricity use from both grid and diesel generators.

For more information contact: ceecteam@kam.co.ke.

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