KAM CEO’s Brief | 16th June 2017

EAC Experts’ Meeting on Leather Investment

KAM participated in an EAC experts’ meeting on leather investment opportunity, profiles and establishment of eac leather, leather goods and footwear platform on June 7 – 9, 2017 in Burundi.

The 16th Summit of the East African Community (EAC) Heads of States held in 2015 directed the Council of Ministers to study modalities for the promotion of leather industries in the region in order to phase-out importation of used clothes/shoes and other leather products from outside the region.

At 17th Summit of the EAC Heads of States held in 2016, the Summit was very keen to promote vertically integrated industries in leather sectors, and directed Partner States to procure competitively, their textile and footwear requirements from within the region where quality and supply capacities are available with a view to phasing out used textiles and footwear within 3 years amongst other measures.

In pursuant to the Summit Directives, the EAC commissioned a study to analyze the challenges, competitiveness and opportunities in the leather value chains to support the formulation of action plans for the development of the leather and leather products value chains.

The key highlights of the study includes: Implementation of the Summit Directives on Leather Sector and observations/ recommendations made by the expert meeting on market access and Standards, Quality and Raw Material Availability, Priority Investment Opportunities and Initiative to establish a Regional Leather and Footwear Platform.

For more information contact: joseph.wairiuko@kam.co.ke

Validation Workshop for the National Strategy on Buy Kenya Build Kenya

KAM participated in a Validation Workshop for the National Strategy on Buy Kenya Build Kenya on 13th June 2017 in Nairobi.

The development of Buy Kenya – Build Kenya Strategy aims at encouraging consumption of locally produced goods and services which are globally competitive, and incorporate consumers’ preferences, choices and tastes.

KAM recommended the introduction of Pre-qualification checklist for local manufacturers that aims at minimizing the briefcase manufacturers.

For more information contact: joseph.wairiuko@kam.co.ke

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