KAM CEO’s Brief | 13th July 2018

14th KAM – KAIZEN Event 

Unga Holding Limited and London Distillers Limited were today awarded for their exemplary operational functionality, having adopted Kaizen Practices.

Kaizen practices, when incorporated into business, seek to improve productivity, reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary hard work and humanize the workplace.

Speaking at the KAM-Kaizen Forum, KAM Vice Chair Mr Sachen Gudka noted that it is essential for manufacturers to look into adopting Kaizen Practices, adding that it is an opportunity to gain techniques in maintaining sustainable business growth and improvements in processes, systems and profits.

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KAM engages KEBS on industry concerns

Kenya Association of Manufacturers engaged Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) on 12th July 2018 to discuss, among to other things, delays in issuance of Standardization Marks (SM), Import Standardization Mark (ISM) permits and Local COCs.

Speaking during the meeting, KAM Chairlady, Ms. Flora Mutahi noted that the competitiveness of industry depends on a conducive and predictable business environment.


  • Delays in the issuance of permits for SM permits:  KEBS stated that they will pursue modalities to disassociate testing from the application process to hasten the process of issuing SM permits. KEBS asserted that SM permits issued will be valid for 3 years. The 3-year permit will be granted to manufacturers who can show consistency of compliance in the last 3 years.
  • Delay of issuance of local CoCs: KEBS noted that CoC is a legal document. However, KEBS has realised that quality aspects of some parameters like heavy metals have not been tested.  In this regard, KEBS will retest products where necessary to ensure that they comply with the Kenyan Standards.
  • Delays in the issuance of ISM: KEBS noted that there is a problem in printing of ISM permits due to the ongoing ISM case in court.  KEBS Ag. MD note that KEBS has put in place measures to resolve ongoing ISM challenges. In the meantime, you are advised to ensure that you maintain documentation and records on all your imports.
  • Fitness of sugar and delay in the testing of industrial sugar: Manufacturers noted that they no longer have industrial sugar for production at their outputs, risking shut down due to shortage.  KEBS noted that they will work on fast tracking testing and release of the industrial sugar. Local sugar millers urged KEBS to clarify on the quality of sugar in the market since the public now have no confidence in their sugar, which is affecting industry.

For more information contact: info@kam.co.ke.

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