KAM CEO’s Brief | 10th November 2017

Women in Manufacturing site visit to Isuzu East Africa

The Women in Manufacturing Caucus held the first site visit to Isuzu East Africa on 8th November 2017 to learn about creating a good foundation for delivery of quality output and continuous supply.

Under the theme Laying A Good Foundation for Your Business: A practical approach towards quality delivery whilst adopting the Women Empowerment Principles, the site visit focused on familiarizing women industrialists with International best practice in Manufacturing, creating a good foundation for delivery of quality output and identifying barriers that keep them from advancing their business to the next level.

Speaking during the visit, Isuzu East Africa Managing Director, Ms. Rita Kavashe noted that developing people is very important and is a deliberate initiate, adding that you need an attitude that sets you apart from others.

The Women In Manufacturing Programme seeks to reinvigorate the local manufacturing sector that is currently weakened by a dire lack of skills. By equipping, educating, mentoring and building networks for women, the programme will be able to provide the necessary skills and talent to take our industry to the next level.

UN Global Compact CEO & Executive Director Lise Kingo hosts CEO Roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals

UN Global Compact CEO and Executive Director Ms. Lise Kingo hosted a CEO’s Dialogue with business leaders in Kenya on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 9th November 2017, to identify untapped opportunities for companies to deliver accelerated impact on the SDGs.

Speaking during the event Ms. Lise Kingo called on business to implement the SDGs and look at the global goals as a way of turning risks into opportunities.

The  SDGs present 1.1 trillion US dollars potential for business in Africa and creation of  up to 85 Million new jobs. There is so much that business can do to implement the SDGs,” said Ms. Kingo.

The SDGs launched in 2015 seek to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. They call on companies everywhere to advance sustainable development through the investments they make, the solutions they develop, and the business practices they adopt.

Speaking during the dialogue, the Global Compact Kenya Network Representative and Kenya Association of Manufacturers Chief Executive Ms. Phyllis Wakiaga noted that Kenya possesses numerous untapped opportunities in reference to the SDGs.

This dialogue session seeks to explore opportunities to deliver accelerated impact on the SDGs. We’re glad to see that our members have identified and continue to implement the goals, we will continue to build their capacity and we call on other businesses to implement the goals,” added Ms. Wakiaga. Kenya currently has over 700 signatory companies committing to responsible and sustainable business practice and will require a national movement to deliver transformative change.

For more information on the Global Compact Kenya Network visit www.globalcompactkenya.org.

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