Implementation of the New PVOC Programme – Exemptions by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

The Kenya National Bureau of Standards intends to introduce a local Certificate of Compliance (CoC). The CoC is to be issued for every consignment of exempted goods. KEBS argue that despite the success of PVOC, there have been challenges, mainly lack of an appropriate platform for sharing the exemption data with DPC at KRA. They also say that increased number of certificates, have caused delays for local manufacturers entry approvals, and therefore affected clearance time. KEBs further states that to address this challenge, they plan to introduce a local CoC to exempted manufacturers, to be issued for every consignment to facilitate faster approvals.

KAM has expressed concern on the review of regulations developed singly by KEBS and only notifying stakeholders on enforcement day, which is 1st December, 2016. We have however managed to convince KEBs to hold the process until proper consultations are held. The major concern raised is, lack of adequate consultation during the regulation making process.

KAM will be meeting KEBS officials at the KEBS center on Friday, December 2nd 2016 to seek better understanding of the proposed system change, implications on manufacturers and to develop a better approach for manufacturers. All members are advised that consultations with KEBS officials will bring out positive feedback, that will be communicated immediately after the meeting.

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